5 Actionable Construction Project Management Tips You Should Know

There’s no denying the fact that leading a construction project is not an easy task. Regardless of how much money and resources you have, if you don’t know about the techniques that can make your job easier for you, you will not be able to complete your project the right way.  The good news is … Read more

How to Boost your Engagement with Stakeholders

Engaging with stakeholders properly can be extremely beneficial for your business. Building a strong relationship with them can make a huge difference in the management of the project and also for future opportunities. Therefore, stakeholder management is crucial to ponder upon.  When you manage stakeholders in an efficient manner, you are able to demonstrate your … Read more

Things you should consider while trading the crypto market

The Crypto trading industry has created hype in the investment community. Thousands of retail traders are joining the crypto trading industry to change their life. Sadly, most of them are not making any serious profit in this profession. The Crypto trading industry is not like your traditional Forex market. The price movements are extremely volatile … Read more

Steps in Strategy Formulation Process

strategy formulation process

We are going to discuss the Steps in the Strategy Formulation Process. Let’s start with some basics of the Strategy Formulation. Concept of Strategy Formulation Strategy formulation is the process of choosing the best possible strategy out of several other strategic options. “Strategy formulation is designed to guide executives in defining the business their company is in‚ the … Read more

Types and Component of Technological Environment

Technological Environment with image of modern society and Definition of Technological Environment

We are going to discuss the Technological Environment: Types, Component, Relationship with business and human resources. Let’s start with some basics of the Technological Environment. Concept of Technological environment Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a pre-existing solution to … Read more

Social-Cultural Environment

The social-cultural environment is part of the external environment in which social and cultural changes affect the business firm. It is generally referred to as a physical and social setting in which people live and their behavior. Social Cultural Environment is defined as a set of beliefs, values, norms, customs, practices, and behavior that exists … Read more

Strategic Options

Hello Friends, Today, we are going to discuss the Strategic Options. We already write some articles about Strategic Management: Meaning, Features, Importance, and Levels. Let’s start with some basics of the Strategic Options. Concepts of Strategic Options Strategic options are creative alternative action-oriented responses to the external situation that an organization (or group of organizations) faces. Strategic options take advantage … Read more

Company Resources

company resources

Today, we are going to discuss the  Company Resources and evaluate them. Let’s start with some basics for Company Resources. Concepts of resources Resources are an organization’s assets and are thus the basic building blocks of the organization. They include tangible assets, such as its plant, equipment, finances, and location, human assets, in terms of the … Read more

Competitive Capabilities

Hello Friends, Today, we are going to discuss Competitive Capabilities. Let’s start with some basics of Competitive Capabilities. Capabilities Capabilities refer to a corporation’s ability to exploit its resources. They consist of business processes and routines that manage the interaction among resources to turn inputs into outputs. For example, a company’s marketing capability can be based … Read more