6 Prominent E-commerce Trends Businesses Should Consider

An aspiring entrepreneur or someone who already has an established eCommerce business should keep a close eye on current trends.

Failing to implement certain things leaves a business behind the competition. If another business gains an edge just because your brand does not bother keeping up, you do not really have anyone but yourself to blame, right?

Of course, for some brands, it makes little or no sense to pursue certain trends. Overall, though, a rule of thumb is that businesses should seek to implement new and exciting things to make things easier for themselves and their customers.

Freedom to Customize

Let’s start with a trend that is key for businesses that sell clothes and other customizable goods. It is not wise to prevent shoppers from having the freedom to select fonts or colors, for example.

Say that someone is looking to purchase a zip-up hoodie with embroidery as a gift for another person. Well, the odds are that this customer will want to customize the hoodie by adding colors or designs the gift receiver likes.

A similar thing applies to other merchandise. So long as the technology allows a brand to introduce the freedom to customize, it should be encouraged.


It is still too early to tell when chatbots will replace real people in customer support. Artificial intelligence is progressing at a rapid pace. Even now, you have more and more online stores considering investments in chatbots.

The advantages of chatbots are pretty straightforward. They are available 24/7 (so long as there are no technical issues), and they respond to queries instantly. Moreover, artificial intelligence works in a way that allows chatbots to learn and adapt. 

Hopefully, chatbots will become cheaper and more accessible in the future, but if you feel like you have the necessary funds and your brand is ready to implement chatbots, you do not have to wait. Instead, go for it right now.

Voice Search

Ever since the sudden rise of Alexa and other digital assistants, it has become clear that voice commands make our lives much easier.

It should not come as a surprise that voice shopping is trending a lot at the moment. For one, many consumers prefer to shop on their smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices have integrated microphones. If an online store has the voice shopping feature and is mobile-friendly, then it should not be an issue.

One other thing to note about voice search is that it opens up opportunities for people with disabilities. If someone relies on their voice to carry out day-to-day tasks, then shopping via voice search is definitely going to be useful.

Payment Gateways

Different payment options, sometimes referred to as the eWallet technology, are somewhat underrated by certain website owners.

For the most part, shoppers stick to credit cards and services like PayPal to complete the transaction. However, there is a demographic of online shoppers that stick to alternative payment methods.

For one, there are services other than PayPal. Payoneer, Stripe, and Skrill are a few examples. Also, and this is a stretch for many online stores, cryptocurrency is another payment option that one should consider. Though given the instability of the crypto market, it is understandable if it gets ignored.

The purpose of different payment gateways is to give shoppers more freedom in choosing what payment methods they want. The more options there are, the fewer abandoned shopping carts an online store can expect. 

Modern-Looking Websites

Creating a modern-looking website should not be an issue, thanks to all the available themes and ecommerce platforms. The drag-and-drop method also simplifies the process a lot.

Of course, taking care of the basics is not enough. You also need to work on introducing relevant features so that the shoppers have an easier time navigating the site. Not to mention investing in reliable best hosting. Failing to do that results in poor website uptime and slow loading time.

A website that looks out of place is a problem. People who visit the site for the first time will have a negative impression of it. Spending money on a site that looks shady is not going to happen, right?

It takes a while to polish a site to make it look properly, but the effort put into it is more than worth it, considering how much you have to gain.

Content Quality in Marketing

Spending money wisely on marketing campaigns is tricky because there are so many different methods and competitors.

Targeting your audience with sheer quantity does not do it anymore. Brands have to seek innovative methods and advertise through quality.

Video content is an excellent example. Businesses hire editors and even animators who produce short, high-quality videos.

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