Things to know about digital marketing

From 20 years ago to today the internet has been accessible for everyone and the number is still increasing. From kids to elderly people everybody uses the internet. With the increased number of internet users, people who prefer to shop online have increased too. When people used to shop offline more, offline marketing strategies were effective for them, but with the increasing number of online shoppers digital marketing has paved their way. Digital marketing agency in Sydney are already playing an important role in marketing businesses digitally.

Whether it’s offline marketing or digital marketing marketing is all about connecting with the right audience at the right time and place. So for the right place we need to be visible on the internet and at the time they are using it.

When a user needs anything they put them in a search engine and  what you search often shows in your social media ads? That’s how your product is placed at the right place and time.

Basic rules of marketing

Marketing is based on 4 P’s price, product, promotion, place.  These all are basic rules of marketing. Even as consumer online behaviour changes we need to keep our basic 4 P’s clear.

 There are few things you should know about digital marketing. Keeping track of these few things will enhance digital marketing of your product.

ROI(Return of investment)

Marketing website of a product is a type of investment in our business. We expect a profit from that investment. Return of investment is profit or loss we get from digital marketing. A business should always invest in strategies that are not spamming but bringing customers.

SEO(search engine optimization) and SEM(search engine marketing)

SEO is a technique which will rank your websites in higher position in search engines. A good ranking search will allow more exposure and natural traffic.

SCM is a paid advertisement that will acquire more visibility on search engines. use the keywords that are lucrative for their business so it will show higher on the search engine with reference to ads. SEM results and not natural but we get  more visibility than SEO.

Website trafficking

Website trafficking is a technique where you will know who is engaging your website and their location. By identifying your target audience and what is more trending in a website we can invest in the SEO of that product.

PPC(pay per click)

PPC is a paid service where we pay social networking sites to show ads of our website or product. We can also send sponsored messages on LinkedIn to the people who are related to the industry of our website or product.


Whether it’s offline marketing or digital marketing the one thing that never changes is your product and your target audience. If anybody wants to purchase your product they will find us but for that we need to be visible in the market. By using some tips you can master your digital marketing.

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