What Defines a Glass Link?

A glass link is an architectural structure made entirely of glass, primarily serving to connect two distinct buildings or sections of a property. Often bridging the old with the new, glass links blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, doubling as a striking design element within a property. Commonly referred to as a glass corridor or walkway, these structures offer a contemporary solution to integrating diverse architectural elements.

Typical Applications

Architects may propose glass links for integrating a modern extension with a historical structure, enhancing the property’s aesthetics without compromising its original charm. These structures are particularly valuable in situations involving listed buildings, where regulations may limit alterations. Glass links thus provide a harmonious solution, merging old and new while adhering to preservation standards. Beyond residential applications, glass links find utility in commercial settings, adding unique architectural interest or serving functional purposes like additional living space.


The allure of glass links lies in their ability to seamlessly unite disparate parts of a property, offering a blend of practicality and modern design. They introduce a “wow factor” through their minimalist aesthetic, inviting natural light to permeate the space, creating an environment that feels both open and expansive. The visual continuity achieved through glass links can significantly enhance property views, contributing to a property’s overall sense of openness.


Despite their visual appeal, glass links come with their set of considerations. Thermal efficiency can be a concern, with potential for these spaces to feel too cold in winter or too warm in summer, necessitating thoughtful planning around heating and ventilation. Sound insulation may be limited, and privacy could be compromised. Regular maintenance is required to maintain their pristine appearance, and safety considerations must be integral to the design process.

Cost Implications

The investment required for a glass link varies, influenced by the project’s scale and the materials selected. Specialists like GSL estimate the cost of glazing for a glass link to be around £3,000 per square meter. This estimate does not include the professional fees for architects, designers, or structural engineers, which are crucial components of the project’s total cost.

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