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Fitness Clothing with Pockets

The best workout invention ever: leggings with pockets! Rather than wearing baggy sweatpants to carry personal belongings while engaging in fitness activities, like cardio and yoga, choose to slip in breathable and comfortable leggings to keep hands free. Otherwise, wear pocket-adorned leggings are a complementary clothing option to run a quick errand or even have a night out on the town. Chic meets utility for every occasion with pocketed workout pants.

Legging Types

Pockets help make life a little easier but choosing the correct leggings with pockets can be difficult. Still, here are some popular options to choose from:

  • 7/8 high-waist checkpoint leggings are the skinny yet functional choice that comes with deep pockets
  • 7/8 high-waisted yoga pants come with fold-over waistbands
  • Airlift high-waist conceal-zip capris usually come with hidden pockets to complement the narrow waistband seams
  • Hi-rise capris are compression leggings that are best suited for high-impact workouts but are known to be tighter than the other options
  • High-waist 4 pocket utility leggings sculpt the body ideally and are perfect for casual wear
  • High-waist cargo biker shorts should be worn when exercising outside in warmer temperatures
  • High-waist cargo leggings are a runner’s choice for smooth and long strides
  • High-waisted leggings are made with either mesh and Spandex fabrics that create a slick waistband or light compression fabrics that feature low pockets and no-seam fold-over waistbands
  • Live-in leggings are made with thinner materials but tend to be more see-through
  • Powersoft leggings come in Spandex-feeling fabrics in capri- and full-length options that flatter all body types and high-intensity workouts
  • Reflex high-waist yoga capris are made with straight-line seams rather than being curved to support belongings in pockets better
  • Rise pants with pockets are one of the most expensive choices on this list, and that is because of the high-quality ultra-soft fabrics used to make them
  • Yoga leggings, often referred to as Lululemon dupe leggings, last several years and may come with adjustable waist elastic to ensure the perfect fit, but there are complaints that this option tends to ride up on calves

Design Details

Searching for fitness shorts with pockets may be advertised as activewear, athleisure pants, or performance wear. Still, all shapes and sizes, usually ranging from XXS to 3X for women, are available where typical fabrics are soft for lounging yet have extreme integrity to support even intense workout routines. Dependability and sustainability are notable features of these leggings as they are washing machine safe and can be worn countless times without concern that fading will occur or seams become loose. A broad choice array of colours, patterns, and styles to match any outfit and situation.


Outstandingly, the price range of leggings with pockets can be as low as $9.99 and as high as $135 or more! However, most prices are in the $29.99-$39.99 range. Frequently, fashionistas can get discounts for buying in bulk or gaining an online membership with even top brand legging retailers to receive monthly legging deliveries and ongoing deals. Getting a membership is highly encouraged for frequent legging wearers as leggings will never go out of style.

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