Reasons Why Should You Use a Full-Stack Developer Coding Test

Are you looking for the best tools to evaluate the skill of candidates? Do you need to hire a talented developer for your organization? Well, the full stack developer test can help you to achieve it. The recruiter mainly uses it to assess the applicant’s knowledge before a face to face interview.

In addition, this coding test helps to minimize the screening time when hiring the developer. Many companies use full stack developer coding test to employ talented professionals effectively. 

In addition, skilled professionals build server-side and client-side software. The full stack developer online test duration is ninety minutes, which contains three coding and eighteen MCQs problems.

The candidate should solve on the back-end and front-end simulators that evaluate the sub skill on different levels. In this post, you should know more information about the full stack developer test:

What contains in the full stack developer test 

With the help of a full stack developer online test, recruiters identify skilled developers from an ample range of resumes. It eliminates the administrative operating expense and time of interviewing numerous people. By filtering the unqualified applicant, you can save more time.

The professionals design this coding test to evaluate the knowledge in both the front-end and back-end based on the Industry Standards. Full-Stack Developer test contains many languages such as HTML, C#, Javascript, .Net, Ruby, and SQL. 

In addition, this assessment test might consist of Multiple answer questions, audio or video questions, multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, coding simulations, and others.

It enables the professional to predict the applicant’s performance and hire the best candidate for the role. It is used to evaluate candidates for positions such as java software developer, java full stack developer, and core java developer. 

Importance of full stack developer online test

Hiring talented professionals can be a challenging task. As a hiring manager, you can save time interviewing a web developer. They use this test to measure the applicant’s various skill-set.

According to the job requirement, the manager can utilize an active set to make the custom skill-set. The applicant can attend the coding test from anywhere and anytime they desire. 

The full-stack developer has the skill set of methodologies, concepts of system engineering, and multiple web languages for software development. In addition, they have skills in various frameworks like Node.js, Angular.js, Django, and much more.

Assessment tests are critical in hiring a tech professional for your organization. It evaluates the knowledge of the person around the complete web stack. 

How can a company benefit from online hackathons? 

Everyone knows technology development has changed significantly in all industries over a few years. The expert checks different platforms to get the better option and get the job done faster.

Nowadays, there are a lot of innovative methods to hire talented people for the company. Online hackathons are the best way to attract the best resources from the crowd. On the other hand, you can utilize hackathons to increase the technical skill of the developers. 

The coder does not get chances to showcase their talent because of the company’s restrictions on the programming method. They miss innovative ideas, so simulated competition is helpful for the developer to get progressive opinions. Team members work smoothly on a coding hackathon program that offers an effective solution. 

In addition, you can engage the candidate’s interest in this field, which aids you in fixing the organizational issue. Moreover, you will also be able to identify the candidates’ coding skills based on the project’s needs. It is possible to conduct online programs simultaneously for several candidates. The followings are some advantages of using the virtual hackathon:

  • Attend tests from anywhere 

Attending the hackathon online allows you to travel time and money. You can log in from the home, hotel, or others and get together with a colleague as per their choice. It keeps the candidate away from the tension. Participants work on their project at a certain period in the face-to-face hackathon.

Some people don’t attend the hackathon where they are approved due to their busy schedules. Flexibility is an essential aspect while talking about the virtual hackathon. One of the benefits of the online hackathon is that it can last longer than a face-to-face hackathon. Those with a busy schedule can attend the virtual hackathon whenever they have free time. 

  • Add value to your resume 

Instead of checking the candidate’s educational background and employment history, the hiring manager checks what the candidate has done. It is the best method to judge the person’s personality and decide whether they are fit for the job post or not.

If the person attends the virtual hackathon, they will develop a good impression among the recruiter. This skill will help the person to stand out in the crowd. 

  • Learn new skills 

Many invest their funds in the traditional education system that does not teach the new skills in advanced technologies. But taking the virtual hackathon allows you to learn new skills, helping you stand out from the competition.

Hackathon organizers aim to host virtual hackathon events in a particular technology. It will enable the people to learn innovative skills to present the project smoothly and solve any issues quickly. 

  • Path for startup 

In addition, a virtual hackathon offers a path for the startup to the person. The person can attend a hackathon that brings the new idea into life within the same day.

It allows you to get feedback from experienced judges who measure an idea. You will open a platform for every team member to find a suitable solution for daily business issues. Besides, it lets you acquire solutions from various people, which is advantageous for your company.


The virtual hackathon is the best way to hire talented candidates for the job post and boost the developer’s technical skills. In addition, the hiring team can provide real-time problems regarding the business to the candidate and ask them to give a solution. Recruiters and employers can save more time and money using the virtual coding test and hackathon.

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