6 Wearable Promo Products that are Perfect for IRL Marketing

When designing a promotional marketing campaign, many companies opt for wearable gifts. Because customers can get a wonderfully tactile experience from these gifts, they are perfect for inspiring loyalty and creating a “walking billboard” effect when customers wear these branded gifts in the public sphere. If you want to start a campaign of your own, here are six wearable promo products that are perfect for IRL marketing: 

1. Tote Bags

Wearable merch has long been a gold standard for successful, worthwhile promo marketing campaigns. With this in mind, you will want to be careful about limiting your idea of what “wearable” means. Many wearables are accessories, rather than clothing, after all. Branded tote bags can be bought in bulk for cheap, and will provide an immense amount of tangible value to your customers. The more attractive and fitting you make your tote bag during the design process, the more your customer will love them (which will inspire them to wear them out in public later on). So make sure to take plenty of time to brainstorm the design! 

2. Hats

If you want to go with a clothing-specific wearable, hats are one of the absolute best options to consider. Hats are easy to purchase for customers, as you can go with styles that will be attractive to most consumers with ease. Additionally, hats are designed in a way that makes it simple to slap your logo onto them. With any luck, you’ll have lots of new eyes on your brand via this method, and they’ll begin wondering what this cool-looking new brand has to offer them as well. Making your logo prominent, but stylish is key when designing any wearable item for a promotional marketing campaign.

3. T-Shirts

Another incredibly classic clothing-specific wearable, t-shirts are perhaps the most versatile piece of fashion that exists. Once again, it’s simple to design t-shirts to feature your logo while ensuring they remain stylish and wearable. If you’re marketing to a more active audience base, you may want to consider spending a bit more to send out dry-fit shirts, or other specific styles of shirts that will benefit their lifestyles. The more thought you give to how your gift is serving your target audience, the more likely you’ll be to inspire loyalty and excitement in the people you’re sending gifts out to. 

4. Scarfs

The cold weather we’ve experienced this past month is not going away anytime soon. With this in mind, why not give your customers the gift of warmth with your next promo marketing campaign efforts? Scarfs are a bit trickier to design when fitting your logo onto them in a consistent fashion, and you’ll have to rely on customers knowing how to properly fold the scarf depending on how you place your logo onto the wearable as well. That being said, these are perfect gifts for high-roller customers who you’re looking to impress. By giving them something warm to go out in, you may just inspire them to stop into your shop and boost your sales.  

5. Socks

One of the more unique, and affordable items on this list, socks are better suited toward promo marketing campaigns that are not looking to create a “walking billboard” style effect. Instead, you want to provide the comfiest socks possible for the least amount of invested money possible. People love receiving quality socks, especially when they’re 100% free. Keep your logo casual and small on the sock to further emphasize that this gift is meant to simply please the customer, and not sell them on giving you business. This cavalier attitude can surprisingly lead to higher customer loyalty rates and larger sales for your business! 

6. Hoodies 

Another item that’s perfect for your high-roller customers, hoodies are a great way to keep your best customers comfortable and stylish during the cold winter months ahead. People typically wear hoodies for comfort above all else, so you can add your contact information and a slogan to these bad boys alongside your company’s logo if you please. As long as the hoodie is comfortable and warm, you’ll likely inspire your customers to wear them out in public, which will greatly boost your brand awareness. 

A Quality Wearable has Endless Marketing Potential 

Anytime you gift a quality wearable to a customer, you’re letting them know that you truly value their business. The mixture of loyalty, potentially free advertising, and sales you’ll generate through a quality wearable-focused promotional marketing campaign is simply difficult to overstate, so be sure to consider running one soon! 

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