Trollishly Reasons: Why Luxury Brands Should Kickstart Their TikTok Journey?

Since the launch of TikTok, marketers, social media managers, and the audience has had a common myth that TikTok is a fun, entertaining platform and only for small businesses. As a result, many more prominent luxury brands have hesitated to make their presence in the online world in previous times. Now, the scenario of social media has breakdown all the thumb rules. Everything has revolved around social media, from e-commerce to marketing campaigns in recent years. Social media hasn’t left any space in the digital world. 

Keeping the above points in mind and knowing the benefits of social media presence, many luxury brands are planning to enter the TikTok world. Some have already started their journey on TikTok. If you are not on the list, then it’s high time you have to start creating your account on TikTok. Moreover, if you want to get viral on TikTok, you can buy tiktok shares and enhance your online presence. Here we look at the article on the opportunities and some examples of specific luxury brands that are rocking the TikTok app. Let’s get started!

Why Should Luxury Brands Use TikTok?

TikTok is famous among young users, and Gen Z. Nearly ⅔ rd of the TikTokers belong to Gen Z. The app’s attachment to the younger audience helps to drive sales of luxury brands. As per a recent report, about 20% of Gen Z are the primary spenders of Luxury products. So it proves that, undoubtedly, TikTok is the best app for luxury brands. 

Although you may think luxury brands are known by everyone, on the other hand, there is a fact that only high-class people can afford them. To break down these myths and to boost customer interaction levels, conversion matrices luxury brands should use TikTok. Brands looking for high conversion rates can make use of Trollishly and shall reap unbeatable benefits.

Secrets Behind Luxury Brands’ Popularity On TikTok

Influencers And Collaborators

As Gen Z is primarily a luxury brand’s target audience, the best option to promote your products is by influencer marketing. Most influencer collaborations have become successful in the TikTok app. Have significant research on your influencer and assign them for your promotion campaigns. Many fashion brands have followed this strategy. 

Paid Campaigns

It is another way luxury brands can use TikTok. You can select the type of ads you want to post for your company. TikTok ads include hashtag challenges, in-feed native ads, brand takeovers, and 3D augmented reality. Most ads are 15 seconds long, which drives the user’s attention. 

Live Events And Backstage Videos

Luxury brands can create a Live event on Instagram and can promote them before you start a Live. Fashion brands can do a fashion parade to gain the traction of more audiences. You can also make backstage videos. If your brand is taking professional shooting for any product, then it is an easy idea for a backstage video. 

Usually, people love to watch the behind-the-scenes content. It will generally boost the trust and transparency among your audience. A backstage video will show the humanizing side of luxury brands. In addition, if you want seamless growth in TikTok, you can utilize Trollishly and upgrade your recognition. 

Viral Trends

Trends never go out of focus. It is always recommended to follow the trends. Luxury brands should make the new trend by giving ideas like styling tips for users with or without brand products. You can create dress-up challenges for the audience that may outreach mass TikTok users. 

Top Luxury Brands On TikTok 


In 2019, Burberry fashion house joined TikTok. The brand’s hashtag challenge #TBChallenge has resulted in over 57 million views and 30,000 video recreations for the brand challenge. The challenge is to unlock the new lens with motif designs. It is quite an easy and exciting challenge to participate for the audience. 


Gucci, another fabulous fashion brand of all time, has established a challenge, ‘ Gucci model challenge.’ It created an unbelievable organic reach on TikTok. Similar to other challenges, this also generated over 12 million views on the campaign. In addition, Gucci challenged its users with the video creation using layered outfits. 

Prada And Lexus

In 2021, #PradaBucketChallenge had a higher reach. Furthermore, Prada’s partnership with an influencer has yielded 36 million views for a single post. Lexus brand is primarily involved in creating ads. It connects with the micro-influencers and makes them run more ads on the platform. Lexus made a team of influencers to create an original song for its ads. Lexus even put the music in the audio streaming services so it can be enjoyed anytime. 

Wrapping Up

Luxury brands can leverage this opportunity and shall enhance their video marketing strategy. Luxury brands should be at the forefront for many small brands to step into TikTok. Luxury brands should enter the space after learning in detail the best-performing players in the app. For luxury brands, let’s kickstart your journey. 

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